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Shooting from Retention

4:15pm - 5:15pm on Sep 6, 2019, Friday|Room 202B|View Details|Add To Calendar

Shooting from Retention

Presenter - Eric Frohardt 

Not all engagements happen at a comfortable distance. Some of them happen dangerously close. Being able to draw and shoot from retention is a crucial skill if you hope to PREVAIL during one of these in-close encounters! 


Meet Eric Frohardt 


Eric Frohardt is a former Navy SEAL with nearly 12 years of active duty service. His duty stations included SEAL Team 5 and Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He completed several arduous deployments before being medically retired. Eric was trained in multiple combat disciplines but always gravitated back to firearms, where he had the opportunity to train with and learn from some of the best pistol and rifle instructors in the world. He also became a Navy SEAL Sniper. Before leaving the military he taught urban warfare and close quarters combat, and earned his Master Training Specialist certification. He also became an NRA Pistol Instructor. After being medically retired, Eric moved to Denver and opened an indoor shooting range, gun store and firearms training facility. Over the years, he has trained thousands of people at all levels of experience ranging from beginners to seasoned SWAT & Military Operators. Eric began working for the NRA as a consultant in 2017 and was hired later that year as the Director of Education and Training. 

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