NRA Personal Protection Expo | First Care Provider: When Seconds Count (Fee-Based Workshop with Kris Sacra)

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First Care Provider: When Seconds Count (Fee-Based Workshop with Kris Sacra)

9:00am - 1:00pm on Sep 7, 2019, Saturday|Room 201C|View Details|Add To Calendar

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First Care Provider: When Seconds Count (Fee-Based Workshop with Kris Sacra)


Presenter - Kris Sacra

Situations involving acts of mass violence have become a common occurrence in today’s society. These events occur quickly and without warning. This course provides comprehensive training to individuals interested in learning how to better prepare and react to these types of events.

Skills you will learn:

• Bleeding Control Techniques & Tourniquet Application
• Basic Airway and Breathing Management
• Situational Awareness
• Communications with 911
• Hypothermia Prevention & Other Life Saving Techniques

The First Care Provider represents the first link in the trauma chain of survival from point of wounding through definitive care. As one of the only Department of Homeland Security recognized Stop The Bleed programs, First Care Provider trains and certifies citizens to perform life-saving interventions to the wounded that if not performed quickly, could lead to certain death. Receive your First Care Provider certification with this course!
When tragedy strikes and seconds count, learn to save a life. Become a certified First Care Provider.


Meet Kris Sacra

Kris has over 25 years of public safety experience, including 20 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic, with a large metropolitan department in the National Capital region. He is a current and founding member of his jurisdictions Joint Police and Fire Operations workgroup. Additionally, Kris has 18 years of law enforcement experience and currently works part time as a Deputy Sheriff in Augusta County, Va. He is a member of the department’s SWAT Team and serves as the team’s medic. He completed both basic and advanced SWAT Schools.

As a member of the Joint Police and Fire Operations workgroup, Kris played a key role in the formation of the high threat/active violence response program. He assisted in the development of the Rescue Task Force (RTF) model and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course. Both have been taught to over 3000 police and fire personal in our County, and other jurisdictions have participated in the training as well. He has instructed at both the Police and Fire academies’, teaching recruits RTF, TECC and Active Shooter/PACOPS.

Kris participated in and developed countless Active Shooter/Violence drills in and around the National Capital region, involving other Local, State and Federal partners. Kris is known as one of his department’s subject matter experts in the field of High Threat / Active Violence operations. He is a certified Active Shooter, PACOPS, TECC and ALERRT instructor.

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