NRA Personal Protection Expo | Draw Time! The Science of the Draw & What’s Fast or Fast Enough?

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Draw Time! The Science of the Draw & What’s Fast or Fast Enough?

4:45pm - 5:45pm on Sep 6, 2019, Friday|Room 204A|View Details|Add To Calendar

Draw Time! The Science of the Draw & What’s Fast or Fast Enough?

Presenter - Cole McCulloch

Firearm accessibility and draw time is often discussed in the defensive world of training. Have you considered the actual time it takes to properly access and draw and fire from a variety of concealed carry positions? This session will take an interactive and scientific look at a variety of concealed carry approaches and what real times equate to your ability to access a concealed carry firearm. We'll also examine and link the time it takes to access our firearm to the time it takes attackers to do what they do. After this session, you'll likely never again look at your concealed carry draw time the same way.


Meet Cole McCulloch

Cole McCulloch is the NRA's Director of Competitive Shooting and was an active duty Marine during the early 1990s, spending time in the infantry and serving as a member of the Marine Corps Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST Co.) Cole is the founder of the Peacemaker National Training Center, is a multi-discipline competition shooter, firearms trainer, long-range hunter, and the founder of the NRA 3 Gun School, NRA Precision Long Range Shooting School and the NRA Practical Hunting Rifle School. Cole is also the founder and manager of the NRA World Shooting Championship, which crowns the world’s greatest shooter each year.

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