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CCW Holder Preparedness and Response in Real World Events

12:45pm - 1:45pm on Sep 6, 2019, Friday|Room 201B|View Details|Add To Calendar

CCW Holder Preparedness and Response in Real World Events

Presenters - Darrel Schenck

Are you prepared? They are!  Have you practiced violence? They have!  Criminals have OJT, terrorist have their camps, and active mass killers pre-plan their evil.  What have you done?   Is your training based on practical real world incidents or just shooting on the range at an “X” ring.  This discussion will cover your preparations and response to real world events.


Meet Darrel Schenck

Darrel Schenck has firearms experience and experience in small unit tactics, law enforcement operations and high threat security operations since 1987. After his enlistment as a decorated U.S. Marine and veteran of Desert Shield & Desert Storm, Darrel began his law enforcement career working with the New Orleans Police Department. After a couple years, he moved over to spend the next 10+ years with the Gulfport, MS Police Department. While in Gulfport, Darrel worked in patrol, motors, street crimes, undercover vice/narcotics, and training. While in training, Darrel became the range master responsible for the firearms training and curriculum. After completing his NRA basic handgun/shotgun firearms instructor school in 1995, he went on to acquire NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications in Tactical Handgun, Tactical Shooting, Tactical Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Select-Fire, and Precision Rifle and NRA Civilian Instructor Certifications in Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Safety, Personal Protection Outside The Home and Personal Protection In The Home. In 2004, Darrel left the Gulfport Police Department to deploy as a security contractor in Iraq for four years with Blackwater USA, working as a personal protection specialist for several high profile dignitaries. While in Iraq, Darrel held positions as a team leader, designated defensive marksman, and firearms instructor. Darrel now resides in the Midwest, where he served as a chief of police for two years and currently serves as a law enforcement officer in  Kansas. Darrel is also an employee with the NRA Law Enforcement Division as an Adjunct Instructor and is a life member of the NRA. Darrel is the owner and operator of an innovative and advanced training and security consulting company, “Schenck Tactical and Security Solutions, LLC”.

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