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NRA Personal Protection Expo Is THE Firearms Education Event of the Year

In 2019, the NRA Personal Protection Expo hosted more than 120 seminars and workshops taught by best-in-class industry leaders. These powerhouse presenters spoke on all things related to concealed carry, personal protection, and home defense. Educational sessions ranged from one-hour informational seminars to in-depth instructional workshops, certification courses, and hands-on training.


“"Very informative workshops. The instructors were very knowledgeable and gave great presentation. This was my first "Expo". Next time, I will plan ahead of time, to attend more workshops. Well done, NRA!"”

“"The workshop by Frank Mir on Brazilian Jui Jistu self-defense and Tom Kier's knife class were excellent. I learned a lot from them. Col. Dave Grossman’s seminar was very motivating. This was an excellent Expo. Do it again."”

“"Great experience and I recommend to anyone able to make the trip."”

“"I've never been to anything like the NRA Personal Protection Expo. I enjoyed it so much Saturday that I went back Sunday and brought my brother. Am still telling my friends about it even today! A nice atmosphere with like minded Americans."”

“"Prudent self-protection requires consistent training. The NRA Personal Protection Expo is an excellent way to learn with like-minded citizens who want to responsibly protect themselves and others. I highly recommend this event."”

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NRA Personal Protection Expo is your ultimate personal protection destination. Join us in Ft. Worth, TX, for three action-packed days with the greatest firearms exhibitors and educators in the industry!

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NRA Personal Protection Expo

A 3-day educational and interactive experience dedicated to Individuals interested in increasing their knowledge and skills within personal protection, concealed carry and defense tactics.